V.I.P Beach Access

Boasting large luxurious beds with privacy curtains, the V.I.P Beach is a must for a total indulgence. Besides service awaits you so don’t get up just tell us what you want and it will be taken care of! Famous for their highly requested and recommended “Baileys Colada”, the staff will whip up and any arrangements of international beverage that you can imagine.

You have whirlpools to lounge your afternoon away in, once again, it is not necessary to move, unless you need to cool down in the

A top rated Sushi-Sashimi bar is just a few steps up, but still, ask your gracious waitress to bring some delicious choice down to you, it will
be her pleasure.

And finally, have another “Baileys Colada” move to the swinging beds, lie down and count the colors that the reflection of the sunset makes over the Ocean while you gently rock in paradise.


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